Friday, December 16, 2011

Are you Kidding me?

I recently read a friend's blog post about her sweet little girl being bullied at school.  And I am not talking about the mean stuff girls do to each other... name calling and the like.  I am talking bruises and scratches and bloody noses. She is in first grade people, first grade!!!!

It seems that almost daily we hear about bullying in the news.

People seem to think home schoolers are immune to bullying.

Not true.

Another friend of mine who home schools, had her child bullied by a "buddy" during outings.

I personally have had two of the three boys bullied.  Today was a real winner.  My little 7 year old goes to speech class once a week for a half hour.  Half an hour, once a week.  There is another little boy who has speech class with him.  Well, today that little boy decided to offer my guy a cup of water.  What a sweet guesture?  Right?  No, wrong.  My little guy, being thirsty, guzzled it down.  He set the glass down and announced to the teacher that it tasted funny.  She quickly realized hand soap had been added to the water.  The nurse called me and I went in to check out the list of ingredients.  The nurse called poison control and they said at worst it will give him a tummy ache.  Now, I read the list of ingredients (yuck!).  It also contained a few of his food allergies.  To top it off the boy refused to apologize.  Twice.  He was given the chance to apologize twice and he refused.

All I got to say, it that it is lucky my guy doesn't have anaphlaxic shock to the allergens. But I can guarantee he will have stomach issues all day.

I don't get this bully stuff and purposeful meanness.  I mean I know kids do crazy stuff to each other, I remember a few pranks in  my days, but it seems to have gotten so mean and bodily harmful.  Why?

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  1. Wow, I am so sorry to hear. It is very scary out there. I have recently had issue with my son being bullied on the playground. He was told he can not play on the play ground and hit in the ear so hard that he was in pain for almost two days. My guy is only 4 and is afraid to tell the teacher whom the boy is because of another threat. This is at a church school. I am glad at the least that it is not a kid in his class. It seems that there are real bad children growing up to be what kind of adults. Scary.