Living Life Well With Allergies

My name is Nicole and I am a mother of three boys, two of whom have multiple food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances.  When they became ill I began a journey to heal them.  My motto and viewpoint was/is “they will live life well with allergies.”  I was determined that whatever anyone else was eating, my boys would eat it too; only with different ingredients.  My passion to make their life as “normal” as possible launched me into researching and learning all I could about food, cooking, allergies, and health.  Today I use my knowledge to help others to heal and live their life to the fullest.  I have been informally and formally teaching allergen free cooking classes since 2009.  I began blogging in 2010, sharing my family’s journey and recipes I created/adapted for my boys.  I am constantly updating my recipes; continuing to read, learn, and study the latest food allergy information.  In 2012, I began to consult and work with people who are new to or struggling with food allergies.

Living Life Well With Allergies Services:
Grocery Shopping Coaching
Meal Planning
Meal Prep
Meal Rotation planning
Cooking Classes (personal and group)
Decorated Birthday/Celebration Cakes
Food Allergy Education (label reading, understanding food allergies, safe food preparation, how to safely eat out, etc.  ~great for extended family)
Large Group Education
Services can be tailored to your specific needs

Living Life Well With Allergies Consults:
All consultations will begin with a survey and brief conversation to determine the needs of the client and the services I will be providing.  Consults can be done via phone, email, in person, or Skype, or in any combination of those.

Please contact me for consultation rates.

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