Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fun Science Experiments

One of our first chapters in science was on cells.  Now, science is not my great love. Nor do I like messes.  So messy science experiments tend to fall by the wayside.  (I do so love history, though!)  So I tend to wimp out on science experiments.  My big commitment this year in teaching my children is to do the science experiments.  All of them.  Especially the ooey, gooey ones.  To smile, be a good sport and to enjoy it!  We sure have been enjoying our science lessons.  We have done some really cool science experiments.  

The first cool thing we learned was what a cell consists of.  We replicated a cell using candy and jello. 
Making the cytoplasm from yellow jello and gelatin.  We greased the bowls for easier removal.

Here are the parts of the cell: nucleus, mitochondria, lysosomes, ER,, golgi bodies, centrioles and ribosomes

the nucleus

Another fun thing we did was to learn about nerve cells (neurons).  We created them out of play-do.

This is science I could grow to love!

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