Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lessons Learned in the U.P.

Since the weather has been so beautiful up here in the Midwest and our calendar was clear for over 2 weeks (which never, ever happens!!!!) we decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our city and head to my folks place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We brought our school work with hoping to get a few days in, especially if there was any inclement weather.  We got in about 5 days worth.  It was great to do school with no interruptions and no where to have to be at any certain time.  Our routine was beautiful.  Breakfast, do some school work, have lunch, play outside, dinner, walk to the mailbox (3.5 miles round trip!), listen to some Laura Ingalls Wilder audio books, snack, teeth, and bed.  It was lovely.  Idealistic, well almost.  But it was great!

We also got in fishing, frog hunting, hiking, canoeing, exploring, going to a waterfall, visiting a ranger station and so much more.

I guess I learned a few things...I learned that unscheduled time is productive, educational and recharging.  I also learned that some children don't learn not to hit dead trees after being stung by wasps once, they have to do it again, and as a result~ jump into the lake fully clothed to escape said wasps.  I also learned that a tea bag (after you seeped it and chilled it) really helps nasty, red, puffy, size of a small egg wasp sting not to be nasty, red, puffy, and huge.  I also experienced a little of the isolation Ma Ingalls may have felt.  I also had such a wonderful time to draw near to God.  To sit and listen to His voice, without all the loud distractions.  I got to see His majesty in the trees, loons, eagles, fish and all the nature we were surrounded by.  I enjoyed imagining what God intended our world to be before our sin.  I came home feeling blessed.

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