Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where I've been.....

You may have noticed my posts have been a bit sparse.  Life has been busy, and well, I have a few things that have been taking up my time.  We have some health stuff going on with one of our kiddos which is really taking up time and energy.  Also, in trying to keep up with this life of mine, I have been giving myself permission to relax and take a break so that I don't self implode.  Which is something I don't normally do.

One thing I have been working on, is my daily time with God.  Giving it a top priority.  Setting the alarm for an early wake up so I can have quiet time before the chaos (which is my children) awakens.  I get up, get dressed, start breakfast, get my coffee ready and then sit down with my Bible, a couple prayer books and get real with God.  Now, I am comfortable with reading my Bible.  I grew up with it.  I can bless my food.  I can send up a prayer to God.  But sitting down and doing a heart to heart and really digging deep is a little harder for me.

My mom gave me a book for Christmas and I am excited to use it as I work towards a closer commune with God.  It is an old book (updated) by E. M. Bounds called The Classic Collection of Prayer.  Bounds is kinda interesting.  Rough childhood, gold panner, civil war vet.  He had a really interesting life.  He also was a prayer warrior.  The kind that prayed without ceasing and got results.  This book is a collection of letters he wrote on prayer and faith.  Deep stuff.  A bit above my thought level (I have mommy brain which consists of well, mommy duty), but I am trusting God to use this to "grow" me.

Today I read this great story that Bounds used to introduce his letter on faith and prayer... and I wanted to share it with you...

Guests at a certain hotel were being rendered uncomfortable by the repeated strumming on a piano, done by a little girl who no knowledge of music.  They complained to the proprietor with a view to having the annoyance stopped.  "I am sorry you are annoyed," he said, "but the girl is the child of one of my very best guests.  I can scarcely ask her not to touch the piano.  But her father, who is away for a day or so, will return tomorrow.  You can then approach him and have the matter set right."  When the father retuned, he found his daughter in the reception room and, as usual, thumping on the piano.  He walked up behind the child and, putting his arms over her shoulder, took her hands in his, and produced some most beautiful music.  Thus it may be with us, and thus it will be, some coming day.  Just now we can produce little but clamor and disharmony, but one day the Lord Jesus will take hold of our hands of faith and prayer and use them to bring forth the music of the skies.  (author unknown)

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  1. I love keeping up somewhat with you and your family through your blog. I am always blessed but this morning was really special. Thanks for sharing your heart and the heart of God. I love you.