Sunday, July 22, 2012

Laundry Rules for Line Drying

There really is a correct way to hang clothes on a clothes line.

My rules:
1.) Shirts must be hung upside down to avoid the shoulders getting those funny points
2.) Socks are hung from the cuff and you only pin one part of the sock, leaving it open (dries quicker)
3.) Any type of bottom requires two clothes pins at the waist band, again leaving a gap at the top (see sock rule)
4.) Socks are to be hung together, easier to remove from the line.
5.) Fold laundry as it comes off the line
6.) If you leave the laundry basket outside, turn it upside down (keeps the inside clean)
7.) Bed sheets are meant to be dried on the line.  They smell heavenly.
8.) Towels dried on the line can be rough, but washing them with a cup of vinegar (before line drying) makes them softer
9.) Start a load of laundry before breakfast, put the line after breakfast.  Take off the line after lunch. (Except in the spring and fall, then after dinner before they get damp again from the night air)
10.)  All children, regardless of age, can assist.

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