Thursday, August 16, 2012


After years of battling shade and acidic soil (from our 25 odd pine trees on our lot) and dreaming of garden boxes ~ I finally got some this year!  But it has been rough going.  We had an attack of the squash borer bugs which took out the three plants I most wanted to grow: zucchini, summer squash and pie pumpkins.  I had to totally rip them out.  So bummed.  Then dear Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Wabbit took out my broccoli, snap peas, and peas.  Grrr....

My cucumber and pepper plants are just sitting in the soil.  Along with the watermelon.  Not. Doing. Anything.  Really?  Great soil, sun, water?  What gives plants?

But to my shock in such a dismal season, my bitty rows of green beans and my few tomato plants are overwhelming me.  Abundance.

We can't eat the green beans fast enough.  The tomatoes are coming in so fast I am just throwing them in baggies and freezing them.  (hopefully to to something marvelous with them this fall? Right?)

When I was getting ready to cook green beans this week, my kids cried (now they love green beans, but we have been eating and eating them... see this post for how they deal with it)... So I decided to blanch and freeze them.  They turned out super!

Here's how I did it:

pot of boiling water
slotted spoon
ice water
dish to put blanched veggies in

clean and prep your veggies

boiling pot o' water

Ice water~ note I froze water in my bowl then added cold water, see the ice at the bottom?

clean container for freezing said veggies

add veggies to boiling water, bring back to a boil,

boil veggies for 3 minutes

remove veggies from boiling water and add to ice water, let sit in ice water for 3 minutes

put in container and let cool to room temperature and then freeze
That's it my friends, simple and easy.  If you can boil water and use a timer you can do this.  So stock up at the farmer's market or use your own.  And let me know how your garden is going.

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  1. Great blog entry! Hooray for abundance. If you are looking for cucumbers you know where to find me!

    1. I'll take you up on that! :) I'll call you.

  2. Abundance is such a nice word....and such a nice feeling. :)
    Sarah @ Give-the-rest