Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Accidents! (in the kitchen that is!)

Being that my dearest is a meat cutter, a perk is sometimes he brings home a beautiful cut of meat.  (such as the picture above.)  Downside, is sometimes I have NO idea what dinner will be until he brings something home. 

Well, on a gorgeous summer night, he brought us home some steaks as a special treat.  A once a year kind of a treat.  And I had NADA, ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING to got with it... or so I thought.

I had some leftover cubed summer squash and zucchini left from a cooking class (totally unrelated recipe, that perhaps I SHOULD share at some point.) 

I tossed the cut left overs in rimmed baking stone.  Drizzled garlic olive oil on it from the Stillwater Olive Oil Company.  I just love, love, love their oils.  Did you know they have butter oil that is dairy free and can be used as a butter substitute for those of us that are dairy-free?

I washed and cut a few more zucchini, summer squash, and halved some cherry tomatoes.  Drizzled a bit more oil... Added some Real Salt, dash o' pepper.  Baked at 400 until tender.  Baking time will vary according to the size of said chopped veggies, so you may have to experiment and occasionally check out the tenderness level.

To serve, we add a bit of regular Parmesan for the dairy-can-eat people and a bit of non-dairy parm substitute for the dairy-free people.

Simple, delicious, fast, cheap, nutritious... all those great words a summer cook wants to hear.

Maybe this should be dinner tonight.  YUM!

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