Friday, October 4, 2013

Gluten Free Sourdough Starter Part II

To create Sourdough Starter
Ingredients and supplies:
Authentic Foods Superfine Brown Rice
Large Glass bowl
Clean flour or sack cloth
Rubber band
Rubber Spatula
Optional:  water kefir or unflavored Kombucha

Day 1:
Combine ½ cup Brown Rice Flour, ½ cup of water, pinch of sugar
(Note: if starting in the AM, feed that night ½ cup Brown Rice Flour, ½ cup of water)

Day 2:
Feed 3 times, ½ cup Brown Rice Flour, ½ cup of water, (bubbles appearing)

Day 3:
Measure 1 cup of starter into clean bowl (discard rest OR make pancakes)
Feed 3 times ~¼ cup brown rice flour, scant ¼ cup water (optional: addition to water~ 1 tsp. of kefir)

Day 4:
Begin feeding 2 times a day
 ¼ cup brown rice flour and scant ¼ water

Day 5-15
Continue with the day 4 pattern (feed 2x a day ~ ¼ cup brown rice flour and scant ¼ water)

Every third day measure 1 cup of starter into a clean bowl.  Use that to continue the ferment.  Discard** leftover starter.  Or use discard starter for pancake recipe.

At about day 10-15 your starter will begin to smell “yeasty,” double in size, and begin to dome.  Starter is ready when it domes after 2-3 hours of feeding or for 3 successive feedings it doubles or triples in size, can take up to three weeks from the time starter was begun.

Feeding Steps:
Add water, add flour, and mix with energy (until smooth)
Scrape down sides so there isn’t any starter left on sides of bowl
Cover loosely with flour/sack cloth and rubber band
Put in a warm place
**Note:  If making a recipe that calls for more starter, don’t discard as much.


FOR LESS “SOUR” Sourdough
Pour off hooch (liquid that can accumulate on top of starter)

Use more starter in recipes

Let recipe have a shorter rising time

Use some baking soda in recipe

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