Monday, June 20, 2011

Have Bread ... Will Travel recipes part 2

Earlier, I posted on my trial to can bread.  I wanted to find a way to keep allergen free bread fresh while traveling.  If you eat allergen free, you KNOW that keeping fresh baked items fresh is tough.  They must be frozen until thawed and eaten or eaten with in a day  (or two, but that is pushing it!)  Anyways, it was a success.  I shared how I canned bread, but didn't post the recipes.  I have also posted on my pumpkin bread recipe.   I thought maybe now would be a good time to tell you how I make our bread.

My recipe is based on a recipe from Special Diets for Special Kids Volume 1 by Lisa Lewis called Marci's Soft White Bread and Rolls.  I love her cookbooks.  They have great information on how to go about this allergen free life and all her recipes are great for kids.  Volume two is my favorite between the two volumes.

I have adjusted it to fit our tastes.  I also make a several batches at a time.  I put them into ziplocs so the bread is easier to pull together and make. The following is a double batch that will fit into a large gallons ziploc.


4 cups brown rice flour (bob's red mill)

2 cups tapicoa flour (bob's red mill)
2 cups arrowroot flour (bob's red mill)

1/2 cup sugar (I use cane sugar from Trader Joe's)

8 tsp. Gar gum (don't skip this!)

1 1/3 cup Darifree milk subsitute~ use in powdered form...(it is a powdered dairy free milk that is potato based)

3 tsp salt (I use sea salt)

Zip up baggie and shake until mixed.  Or mix in a mixer and then put in a bag.  I usually make 4-6 bags of this to have on my shelf.  Will keep one month.

To make bread:

*Preheat oven to 400 degrees
*Heat one cup of water to 110 degrees, add 2 tsp sugar, 4 tsp yeast

Let it sit 5 minutes, meanwhile
*Measure out 5 cups of mix from your baggie into mixing bowl


1/4 - 1/2 cup Rice Bran (Ener G brand) (good for fiber, very healthy)

4 TBSP. oil (I use grapeseed, canola or safflower) or use your allergen free butter substitute of choice

1 tsp apple cider vinegar (trader Joe's)

1 cup water room temp

3 eggs (you can use egg replacer ~ 4tsp of the dry powder, I then add an extra 1/4 cup water)

Mix all ingredients together for 2-4 minutes.  Add water if too stiff.  If too thin add rice flour or more rice bran.  Should be thicker then cake batter but not as firm as regular bread dough.

Grease hands really well, it is very sticky.  Keep some palm shortening on hand as your hands so that as your hands get sticky you can grab some more.  You can shape freestyle into loafs or put in bread pans.  I make cinnamon bread, monkey bread, hamburger buns etc. with this.  Mix in Italian seasonings, garlic powder for pizza dough...

To rise the bread...Place bread on top of stove, cover with towel, let rise 30 minutes.  I drape the towel so that the heat vent from my stove blows under the towel and over my bread.  Or let it rise inside your microwave with hot water in a pan.

Cook in oven for 50-60 minutes for a loaf of bread.  For 4 mini loaves I cook mine for about 35 minutes.

As a side note: as of today I have successfully canned banana bread, chocolate cake, sunflower butter bread, pumpkin bread and a plain bread.  Can't wait to keep trying this method for traveling! 

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