Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just a little OCD

If I am honest about myself, I have to admit I can get a little OCD about things.  I have noticed my posts are just a little heavy on the food side these day.  Actually if I am honest, they are ONLY about food.  Sigh.   I do have a life outside of food (but not much ~wink, wink).  I naturally HAVE to obsess about "what will my kids eat today"; "Do I have food to pack if we have to go someplace?"; "Is the freezer stocked so that if I can't cook I have back-up?" etc. with all the food allergies my kiddos have.  Also, for my part time job I am creating a Holiday Meal Plan and Shopping Guide for people with food allergies.  So that increases the food obsession right there!  Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!  Right?!?

This blog is such a outlet for me and my life.  We are crazy busy.  So busy my calendar is color coded.  So busy that I often feel like I don't sit until I take time to work on this blog.  So busy I crash at night, if I sit still I fall asleep.  This blog gives me a bit of peace.

We have some family stuff going on and it isn't really blog worthy for this blog, but it is a stresser for me.  When I stress I cook/bake.  So I guess that means I now BLOG about what I COOK/BAKE when I am stressed.  LOL

So bear with me as I continue to blog about food.  After all it is my life.  As I know it.  Pun intended.  Note to self, don't blog at 2:00 AM.  The post becomes very weird.  I will continue to post about other topics.  But for now, it will be most likely all food.

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