Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You are My Sun, Moon and Stars!

We finished our body unit and will finish the year learning about our amazing solar system.  

To warm us up on the topic our project was to create a mnemonic for the planets and then to recreate them in the appropriate size in relationship to one another.  (Note: blowing up balloons exactly is not possible and may frustrate you and your type A child.  The other (non-type A's) children won't care...creating a great lesson in flexibility.) 

Can you tell which one is type A?  It's not the one measuring, it is the one who looks totally put out by his brother's "good enough" comment.

Cutting out Saturn's ring

I think he may have decided it was all a bit boring and went back to reading Robin Hood.

Xbox's mnemonic was My Very Early Mom Jumped and Sat Under Newton's Porch.  (includes Pluto)

We also learned a bit about pi, diameter, radius, circumference when making a ring for Saturn.  We read Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi and then using what we learned, we created the ring for the 25 inch planet.  I love it when you can tie all the subjects together like that!

The completed project!

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