Saturday, November 17, 2012

All American Boy

Its my sweet turkey's birthday and he requested a Captain America cake.  His birthday falls in a month were we have three hockey tournaments, Thanksgiving, two grandparents' birthdays, two cousins' birthdays, numerous hockey games, and a major violin concert for his older brother.  And yes, most of those events fall in the week surrounding his birthday.

I really wanted to take the easy way out and make just a shield cake, but his beguiling eyes begged for a cake with a person on it.

Now, this is not my best cake, but for making it at 11:00 pm after two hockey games, a hockey practice, violin concert and cousin's birthday party all in one day, I am pretty proud of it.  Tomorrow is his party, because, yes, its the only time we have free for weeks.  I hope he loves it when he wakes up to see it, because I sure love him.

And just 'cause I'm the recipe junkie, I have to say, I used Cooqi Cake and Pastry flour to make the white cake (YUM!) and my buttercream recipe for the frosting.  The cake is hand piped (eyeballing a picture).

Ok, I'm toast.  Off to bed for a few hours of sleep before its wake up and repeat... Hockey practice, tournament game, hockey game, birthday party... and maybe some sleep.

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