Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A New Frontier

One thing I just LOVE about teaching cooking classes is it allows me and forces encourages me to try new recipes.

I am entering the world of gluten free sourdough.  With a bit of excitement and trepidation.  

The worrier in me is worried it won't work.  (Even though others have blogged about success)

The perfectionist in me has stalled the project because "What if it doesn't taste right/good?"

The adventuresome me is giddy over the thought of a bowl of goo to feed three times a day. Waiting to see it bubble. I am positive my dearest will roll his eyes when he sees another covered object lurking on the counter... I mean, there is only three gallons of kombucha fermenting in my cupboards, water kefir brewing on top of my fridge, and I am soaking rice for lunch.  Oh don't forget the crockpot going. Poor guy.  Did I mention I am out of counter space? 

So the finished post on gluten free sourdough is in the making, but I had to share the beginning of the journey.  The new frontier in baking for me.  

I began by mixing equal parts brown rice flour and water with just a pinch of sugar.  Mixed well, covered.  I'll begin feeding it tomorrow.  And, I probably bore you all with pictures of that.

For now... the beginning....

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