Saturday, August 3, 2013

If You Give a Mom.....

If you give a mom your dirty clothes, she will run down to start the laundry.

She will then see the freezer and remember she forgot to take something out to thaw for dinner.

When she is putting the meat into the refrigerator upstairs, she will see a cookie mix on the counter she need to make.

To make the cookies, she needs sugar in the basement.

While in the basement, she will notice the cat's litter box needs to be cleaned.

After cleaning the cat's box, her cell phone rings upstairs, so she runs up the stairs.

While chatting on the phone, she remembers the laundry and while heading downstairs notices the bag holding the litter had ripped and left a trail of litter up the stairs.

After grabbing the vacuum and cleaning the trail of litter, she realizes she forgot to actually START the laundry.

While starting the laundry, she remembers several towels that need washing and that she has room for.

As she collects the towels, she empties the full tub, cleans the mirror and sink.

Returning to the laundry room, she realizes she NEVER SHUT THE LID!  She restarts the laundry.

Dumping the towels on the floor, she sees the freezer, remembers the sugar for cookies and heads up to bake the cookies and start dinner.

As she bakes cookies and dinner, she realizes she never ate lunch, is starving and wonders, "Why, oh why am I so hungry?"

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