Saturday, September 15, 2012

Skinny on Sugar Part 3

Sugar Alternatives
These have little or no affect on your Glycemic Index

Is a sugar alcohol.  It is made by breaking down the food starch into glucose and then fermenting it.  It is sourced from corn.  It is widely used due to its low glycemic index of ZERO.  It is about 70% as sweet as sugar.  It is generally approved as safe for diabetics to use.   It is considered unique because 90% of it is absorbed in the small intestines; therefore not causing metabolic issues.
Is a sugar alcohol that looks and tastes just like sugar.  Is either corn or birch bark derived.  This neat substance is metabolized without the use of insulin.  It has been found to anti-microbial, help build immunity, promote dental health and it is very alkaline forming.  Xylitol will often be found in gum and dental hygiene products.  It can be useful in fighting cavities when found in mouth rinse, chewing gum, and toothpaste.  It has been noted for helping fight ear infections as well.  May have a laxative effect for some people.  It can leave a cooling effect in your mouth.  Use cup for cup for sugar.

Just Like Sugar®
Use cup for cup for sugar in baking, dissolves in liquids.  Made up of chicory root, dietary fiber, vitamin C, calcium and natural flavors from orange peel.  Considered safe for diabetics.  

This is one of your best bets.  Stevia is made from leaves of a shrub called, Asteraceae, found in places such as Japan, Brazil, Paraguay, and other South American countries.  It is about 200-400 times sweeter then table sugar.  However, when using it, it can leave a slight bitter aftertaste and recipes must be altered when using it for sweetener.  Comes in many forms, such as packets, liquid drops, and combination with other sugar alternatives.  Stevia now comes in many flavored packets.   Stevia contains many vitamins and minerals.  It is basically zero calories and will not raise blood sugar levels.
A supermarket brand using Stevia in its ration is Truvia® (contains Erythritol, Stevia and natural flavors), ratio of use is ½ to replace 1 cup of sugar.  Another brand is Nectresse (contains, Monk Fruit Extract blended with Erythritol, sugar and molasses.) ratio of use is ¼ tsp of Nectresse to 1 tsp. of sugar.

Lo Han Kuo/Monk Fruit
Monk fruit is the fruit in the cucurbitaceous family (cucumber, squash).  The gourd is grown for medical values in China as well as its sweetening properties.  It is 250 times sweeter than sugar, with zero calories.  It is considered safe for diabetics.

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  ***As a reminder, I am not a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist.  However, I did have a nutritionist look it over for accuracy.  Always consult with a medical professional before changing or modifying your diet

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