Sunday, September 9, 2012

Skinny on Sugar Part I

I recently taught a class on sugar and sugar alternatives.  Thought you all might enjoy what I learned.  This will be a 6 part series.  As a reminder, I am not a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist.  However, I did have a nutritionist look it over for accuracy.  Always consult with a medical professional before changing or modifying your diet.  Let's start out with what sugar is and how it affects us.

Sugar is what we call food substances that sweeten our foods.  Sugar comes in many forms.  Sugars are carbohydrates (carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen).  Simple sugars are monosaccharides with names we recognize such as glucose, fructose, and galacatose.  Sugar also is found as a disaccharide, such as table sugar, sucrose (glucose+fructose), maltose, lactose. 

Effects of sugars on the system
Our body’s cells use glucose as a source of energy.  Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, however this is done slowly.  Sugar glucose needs insulin to break it down, putting a strain on the pancreas.  More insulin in your system leads to more fat storage.   Sugar break down uses an extreme amount of magnesium as well.  It takes 56 molecules of magnesium to break down 1 molecule of sugar.  There are many side affects of too much sugar. 

Sugar …
  • depresses your immune system
  • can lead to heart disease,
  • affects memory
  • leads to weight gain
  • disrupt hormones
  • lead to food allergies developing
  • lead to chronic disease
  • paralyze immune system
  • increase risk of cancer
  • increase obesity
coming up.... real sugar, alternative sugars, how to bake with them and more! 

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