Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ancient Grains~ Shopping and Resources

Ready to Shop the Ancient Grain Way?

Ready Made Products
         Enjoy Life Crunchy Flax with Chia
         Qi’a Cereals
         I Heart Keenwah
         Sorghum Minipops
         Plentils
         Way Better Snack Chips
         Crunch Master 7 Ancient Grains crackers
         Eden Organic Millet
         Wholesome Kitchen Quinoa
         Ancient Quinoa Pastas and Mac “N” Cheese
         Adean Dream Vegeterian Quinoa Soup or Fusilli Pasta (made from Quinoa and corn free!)
         Orgran MultiGrain O’s with Quinoa
         Udi’s Omega Flax and Fiber
         Udi’s Millet Chia
         Canyon Bakehouse Bread 7 Grain
         Green Bakery Millet Bread and Sorghum Bread
         Thuro Teff or Buckwheat Breads

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