Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Essential oil tips

A good friend and I were chatting at church while doing childcare.  Her little ones had been playing outside all day since spring had finally arrived; I noticed they were a little pink cheeked.  She asked me what I do for sunburn since she knows I prefer to use natural remedies and essential oils.  I told her my favorite thing for burns of all types is lavender.  I use Young Living brand essential oils

I love lavender for burns.  Once, while cooking, I was heating oil to brown chicken and I sloshed it over one of my hands.  Thank goodness it was winter!  I grabbed a baggie full of snow and plopped that on my hand.  In between changing bags of snow (it works great because it forms to your burnt body part's shape, unlike ice) I applied lavender.  It should have blistered and left a scar, but it never blistered and never scarred.  Love lavender (did I say that already?)

Some of my other favorites are:

Lavender: burns, bruises, put on feet to help respiratory (colds etc)
Lemon: bug bites (takes the itch out of mosquito bites), put on feet to help respiratory system
Thieves: helps to fight off illness, I dilute it in a carrier oil and rub it on my lympnods
Oregano: digestive, detoxification
Peppermint: eases headaches, tight muscles, increases concentration, careful it can burn skin if put on undiluted
Ginger: upset stomach
Melaluca (aka tea tree oil): antiseptic, use in place of neosporin
Food grade hydrogen peroxide: it is recommended to dilute it for various needs.  Diluted I use it as a face cleanser, wound cleasning.  Undiluted, it will burn your skin.  Add 1 cup to a bath.  I will post more on this later.

What are your favorite oils?  How do you use them?


  1. Tom gave me a lemon oil massage last night mostly because I love the smell right now. I smelled like a starburst haha. Valor is one of my favorites. It has frequently helped back and leg pain. I use it when I get adjusted at the chiro and my adjustment holds better. I researched frankincense and it's one of my favorites but I'm starting Tom on regular doses b/c it is said to aid in growth hormone production and support the pituitary glad. I love your posts!

  2. Thanks Jenny, I had more to add, but ran out of time. I might have to get some frankincense. We just tried Orthoease and I love it! Great for massages and we all sleep really well after using it.

  3. Any tips on how to keep away bugs instead of using that nasty spray? Ticks and mosquitos are bad in our area, so we have had to use bug spray, but i really hate it. Wondering what you do for that, if anything?


  4. Tailor Made Nutrition sells an awesome natural one that works. It is called All Terrain Kids Herbal Armor. It has Citronelia, peppermint, Cedar, lemongrass, and geranium in it.

  5. FYI- Lavender/TTO needs to be diluted on the kiddos.

  6. YES! Lavender should be used sparingly on boys. It can produce to many "female" hormones.

  7. Oh good. I was coming back to make sure my comment didn't sound offensive. I don't have a lot of time, so sometimes I come across as short. :)