Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am so FruSTraTeD!!!!

I have a new favorite drink, KOMBUCHA!  Due to the high costs of buying it from the store, I am learning to make it on my own.  It basically is a fermented sweetened tea.  I will post later on making it.

But let's get to the frustrated part.  Tea.  I needed to buy just plain old green or black tea.  When you think of tea, what do you think is in it?  Tea leaves?  Right? No, wrong!!!!!  I went grocery store (actually three, that's how many I go to, to find what we need due to allergies~ but I digress) and almost all teas, even organic had MSG or soy or something added.  *** note: natural flavors almost always means MSG on a food label.

Why, oh, why???

I am frustrated, irate, and confused as to why tea needs these ingredients?  Even organic?  We avoid soy (it is almost all GMO and is not good for boys~I could write a post on this, but believe me, its not good stuff)  We avoid MSG~nasty stuff!!!!  Ugg!

Anyone know of a good organic tea with out additives?

SIGH, sigh, sigh.


  1. :( I didn't know tea had msg. It's probably the one thing I never would have expected!!

  2. I can't say for sure, but I do know that "natural flavors" is a keyword for MSG. Sneaky people. UGG.

  3. I've been being hit with gluten recently and unable to figure it out. That might be where it's coming from. It's probably one of the few things in this house that has natural flavors listed. lol

    Dang it.