Friday, May 20, 2011

More Odds and Ends

Some more finishing touches:

We are recovering the chairs.  It was SOOOOOOO much cheaper then buying new one.  The fabric was on sale for $10 a yard (regularly $19.99). 

Here is before:

Here is after:

I also sewed my first curtian (and without a pattern).  My dear, dear friend Miss K. came over to help.  She got me started and I finished up on my own.  I even constructed the rod from leftover wood from the cabinets and hung it!  Again, surprising DH.

Here it is!


For around $100 bucks, I recovered 8 chairs, and sewed one very long curtian.  Not to shabby.  Especially considering that the special order door for the pantry space alone was quoted at $374 dollars!  YIKES!

Our sweet cat loves the fabric too.  An added bonus.


  1. It looks great, the chairs look fantastic!

  2. Wow, you're so handy! Well done - love the pic of the cat on the bench.

  3. I want to do that to my dining room chairs but the seats do not come out. Apparently they are glued down. How annoying. Anyway, I saw that you could replace the cushions if you could get the seats out. Bummer. Yours look so awesome.