Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Needed Break

It has been a while since I posted regularly and I have good reasons (and not so good reasons! LOL)

*Been busy trying new recipes
*Birthdays, birth (I got a new niece!), and babysitting 
*Camping, concerts, and (in general) chaos
*Developing, writing, and teaching food allergy classes
*Finishing up our homeschool year
*MACHE homeschooling conference
*I am hopelessly and shamelessly addicted to JERICHO, MADMEN and DOWNTON ABBEY
*It has been a beautiful spring and we are doing yard work and I made 6 garden boxes (so excited!)
*Been trying to get some workouts in at the YMCA
*And finally, I just plain am enjoying bits and pieces of me time (what a concept, I know!)

But good news is I have over a month of posts coming your way... full of recipes and adventures.

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