Friday, April 8, 2011

Demolition begins

Because we are doing the whole remodel ourselves, we are most likely doing things out of order.  I love to watch the DIY shows and HGTV, so I have some idea as to what the order should be.

Well, we started with a partial demolition.  We started with the left side of the kitchen.  Since we are doing it all ourselves and my sweet, hardworking husband gets only 4 days off a month (that's right!) we knew this would take quite awhile and need our kitchen to remains some what functional.  We pretty much would demo what we could repair/replace at one time. 

Hubby started with taking out cabinets and the soffit.  My dad and my brother-in-law then came over to help put up a few cabinets.  It was really slow going at first.  The convection oven/microwave gave us a hard time.  The previous installer incorrectly  installed it.  They used TWO installation brackets.  The guys could not figure out why it wouldn't go back up.  Finally they realized it had to brackets and that was it!  Took off the bracket and right up it went!

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