Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Memories

When I was little, I remember always watching Jesus of Nazareth and the 10 Commandments at this time of year.  While neither is totally Biblicaly accurate, I feel they helped the Bible and Jesus become more real to me and portrayed some events in a way that really got to me (in a good way.)

I have tried to watch Jesus of Nazareth every year with my boys.  We have been watching it in bits and pieces over the last few days.  Since we have been working so hard on the house and other things that come with living a life, I feel that some traditions and things we normally do at Easter time have gone by the wayside.  But I was determined watching this movie would happen and I was going to watch it with them.

This movie brings forth several topics for conversation.  This year the topics were a bit deeper.  Forgiveness, demons, what is crucifixion, how does one's body physically die on a cross, ascension...maybe even topics I wasn't ready to discuss, such as Mary Magdelane, but you know what, I wouldn't trade anything for the chance to sit and discuss these things with my children.  I am hoping they will be life lessons and spiritual lessons they will always carry with them.  And you can bet I am on my knees praying for God to give me the correct answers and words.

He had RISEN, He has RISEN indeed!

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