Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flooring Follies

If there is one thing this kitchen remodel has taught me (well, I think it probably has taught me lots) but this flooring install taught me that the project NEVER goes as planned.

My dear husband tore up all the icky particle board over the last week or so.  A very dusty and dirty job.  We noticed a few spots that needed some help.  Had to reinforce the subfloor via the basement access.  Sigh.

On his day off, my amazing dad came over to help again.  We thought we were all prepared.  9:00 time to start the show.  Well.... found a few more spots to fix underneath.

10:30...ready to go again.  Tested out the nail gun someone loaned us.  Didn't work.  Grrr.

Lunch time.  Had lunch.  Still no flooring installed.  DEEP BREATH.

Dear husband and my dad ran to Menards and South Suburban Rental.  Neither had the right gun (and also had NO clue what we needed.  Ha!)  Now it is 12:30

1:00pm... finally got the right nail gun.  Go ABC Supply!  They totally knew what we needed and we were set.

1:30 ... started to install floor.

Now I won't bore you with a play by play of the install.  For the most part it went really smoothly.

10:10 pm.  We finished!!!!  I did get to help for the better part of the night and the three of us made a good team. 

Remember, the flooring wasn't what I had originally planned on it looking like, but I think it turned out ok!

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