Saturday, April 16, 2011

My part in the remodel

While I was really not much help at taking out cabinets and installing the new ones, I did my part.

Remember how I mentioned our walls were quite a mess?  Look at this:

We had two choices.  Replace the sheetrock (costly), hire someone to skim coat the walls (more costly), or attempt to fix them ourselves.

When we paint at our house, I am the wall fixer.  I do the spackle.  Hubby sands.  We paint together.  So I decided to do the skim coating.  I had hubby buy a small bucket of joint compound.  I started with the small wall by the fridge.  It turned out pretty good.


Next, I tackled the three big walls surrounding where our table normally sits.  We had to hang plastic so the dust from sanding wouldn't travel through out the house.

Looking through the plastic into the work area
 I put on the first coat, hubby sanded it down.  I put on a second coat.  Hubby was worn out.  So I sanded.  Oh, and I had to get a BIG bucket of joint compound.

A girl's best friend

Next, I primed the walls.  We put up two coats of paint. 

Now when the walls were primed, they looked great!  But the paint showed spots the weren't so pretty.  UGG!  I had to redo the walls.  More joint compound, more sanding, more painting. 

The end result was pretty good.  We won't put up the final coat of paint until the end, but in the picture, you will get the idea.

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