Friday, April 22, 2011

Lessons learned from cabinet handles

With hubby only getting one day off a week, the kitchen isn't going very fast.  Plus when you see the state of our house and kitchen, it gets overwhelming.  I brainstormed how this could perhaps go a bit better.  Wanting to help out hubby, I made a list of what I could do.  I then thought maybe I should list everything else too.

Hubby came home, noticed my list (he couldn't miss it... it was taped to the cabinets).  I mentioned the blue highlighted items were my to-do.  On the top of the list was the cabinet handles.  I casually mentioned maybe we could do one item a week (really I wanted to say one a day) so we started with the handles.

My lesson in all this was that the whole picture is overwhelming.  I couldn't see the end of it.  I was overwhelmed.  Sometimes I think we are like that with God.  Wanting to see the whole picture.  RIGHT NOW!  But taking the bit and pieces and doing them bit by bit we learn to trust in God, let Him take care of the whole project.  Know that He is in control and He sees the big picture.  And that it is ok if I don't.  So now, when things get to be a bit much,  I can look at my cabinet handles and turn it all over to God and focus the bit and piece in front of me.

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